Advanced Engineering Diploma

1. Regulations

This Regulation is applicable to the students admitted to ISHRAE INSTITUTE OF EXCELLENCE (IIE) Diploma course in Refrigeration and Air conditioning from the year 2015-16 onwards.

1.1. Mode of Study and Admission

Candidates admitted under this course should be available in the IIE approved center during the entire duration of working hours (From Morning to Evening on Full-Time basis) for the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

1.2. Admission Requirements

Candidates for admission to the Programme shall be required to have passed an appropriate qualifying Degree Examination of any UGC recognized University / Institute

  • B.E / B.TECH. - Mechanical / Electrical / EEE / Chemical / Production / Energy / equivalent with First Class.
  • DME / DEE - With First class and two years of relevant work experience.


  • Based on the written test or Interview and Qualifying Exam Result (50:50).
  • The written test is of Multiple Choice Questions in the subject area of Basic Electrical,Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Refrigeration and Airconditioning.The duration of this test is for 60 mins. The test will be conducted at the respective Study center.
  • The required qualifying marks for the eligibility of admission is 50 %.
1.3. Duration and Structure of the course

The period for the Diploma course is 4 Months. Programs will consist of 5 Module of theory Courses, 1 Module of on-site training at the HVAC&R Project site. 5 Module of theory will be of 360 h ( 6 h / day x 20 days / month x 3 months) and 120 h of on-site training at the HVAC&R Project site ( 6 h / day x 20 days / month x 1 month).

1.4. Evaluation

The Student will be assessed based on his/her performance in the Internal (continuous assessment after each module of Theory course) and one Final Examination. Out of 100 marks for each course, the maximum marks for Internal Assessment is fixed as 50 for Theory Courses 20 Marks for Presentation and Viva Voce based on on-site training and Final Examinations carries 30 marks.

1.5. Requirements for completion of the course

A candidate who has fulfilled the following conditions shall be deemed to have satisfied the Requirements for completion of the course and award of Diploma.

  • Ideally every student is expected to attend all classes and earn 100% attendance. However, in order to allow provision for certain unavoidable reasons such as medical / personal grounds / participation in sports, the student is expected to earn a minimum of 75% attendance.
  • Candidates who could secure less than 75% overall attendance are to be declared as ‘Prevented’ and will not be permitted to write the Final examinations. They are required to repeat the course during the next programme.
  • The examinations shall ordinarily be conducted after 5 working days of the course completion.
  • There shall be one end Final examination of 3 hours duration.
  • If a student indulges in malpractice during assessments/examinations, the student shall be liable for the cancellation of the admission.
1.6 Passing Requirments
  • A Candidate who secures not less than 50% of total marks (Internal Assessment, Presentation and Final Examinations) prescribed for the courses with a minimum of 50 % of the marks prescribed for the Final examination shall be declared to have passed in the Examination.
  • If a candidate fails to secure a pass in a particular Module, it is mandatory that he / she shall register and reappear for the examination in that course during the next Session when examination is conducted in that course; he / she should continue to register and reappear for the examination till he / she secures a pass.
  • The internal assessment marks obtained by the candidate in the first appearance shall be retained and considered valid for all subsequent attempts till the candidate secures a pass.
1.7 Eligibility for the award of the diploma

As per the current ICP guidelines and a student shall be declared to be eligible for the award of the DIPLOMA if he/she has :

  • Successfully acquired the required qualifying marks as specified within the stipulated time.
  • No disciplinary action is pending against him/her.
  • Successfully completed the field visit/ industrial training.
  • The award of the Diploma must be approved by the IIE Trustees.
1.8 Revaluation

A candidate can apply for revaluation as well as Photocopy-cum-Revaluation of his / her final examination answer paper, within 2 weeks from the declaration of results, on payment of a prescribed fee of Rs 1000/- (Rupees one thousand only).

1.9 Provision for withdrawal from examination

A candidate may, for valid reasons, (medically unfit / unexpected family situations) be granted permission to withdraw from appearing for the examination For such permitted withdrawal, the candidate has to register and reappear in the subsequent Programe.

1.10 Discipline

Every student is required to observe disciplined and decorous behaviour both inside and outside the center and not to indulge in any activity which will tend to bring down the prestige of the IIE / Center.

In the event of an act of indiscipline being reported, the IIE shall constitute a disciplinary committee consisting of senior faculty to inquire into the acts of indiscipline and to recommend suitable disciplinary action for approval and implementation.

2. Curriculum

Sl.No. Code Title No. of Lecture Hours
1 RAC 001 Fundamentals of Refrigeration and Air
2 RAC 002 Psychrometry, Heat load Estimation for
Air conditioning and Refrigeration
3 RAC 003 Selection of Refrigeration and Air
conditioning Systems
4 RAC 004 Auxiliary Systems and components for
R&AC applications
5 RAC 005 Installation, Testing and commissioning
and Management aspects of HVAC&R
6 RAC 006 – PART A & B On-site Training 120*

Note : * The Onsite Training has two slots.

RAC 006 – Part A : One week ( 20 h) after RAC 001 - Visit to HVAC Project site to identify the equipment’s, Nomenclature that are commonly used in the Industry.

RAC 006 – Part B – Three weeks after all the theory modules.

3. Syllabus – R 2022-23

4. Nodal Centres


Programme Name

AEDC At Delhi (Advanced Engineering Diploma Course)

Schedule Date

Early Sep for Online (Remote) batch, Mid Sep for Class room (Offline) batch.

Contact Number

Please call the Center/ Send an email to know the exact date.(011-46012930)

E-Mail ,


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AEDC At Bangalore (Advanced Engineering Diploma Course)

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Phone: 80-41495045 and Mob:-9900702893



ISHRAE Institute of Excellence
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